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Nikolai Romanov- Alexander Gould

Pureblood | Slytherin | Sixth Year | 16 | OPEN

Character History:

Nikolai Romanov is a descendent of the last Russian Tsar, being a relative to those who managed to escape the Russian revolution before being executed (but had to leave the majority of their material wealth behind). His parents settled in relative privacy in rural Poland, with a fairly small estate shrouded in ivy. Though Nikolai’s family was never poor, the millionaire status wasn’t theirs, and Nikolai grew up hearing stories from his grandparents on their fall from immense wealth. He was told that the blood of kings ran through his veins and became convinced over the years that all his parents’ problems were because their throne was stolen from them (as they did not work, there was the ever-looming problem of debt for the Romanovs). His wealthier cousins, who had managed to take back their wealth, refused to help with their money problems, and a little ball of resentment grew in Nikolai’s heart. He promised his aging grandmother (the only person he ever truly loved at that point) that he would bring glory back to the Romanov name and restore her to her rightful place as Grand Duchess.

Nikolai was sent to Hogwarts instead of Durmstrang, because his parents didn’t wish for him to mingle with their estranged relatives (in reality, however, they couldn’t afford the expensive tuition) and was immediately sorted into Slytherin. Ignoring cracks from the upper-class students on his family’s bloody history, Nikolai began painting an elaborate story about his status as the long-lost and rightful heir to the Russian throne. He told it so many times to people (mostly girls, but soon to anyone who would listen) that he even began believing that the throne was not Aleksandr’s, but his. Nikolai began lying and lying more and more, once he saw that people actually believed him when he spoke, until it’s come to the point where he can’t even keep his stories straight anymore. 


Charming, charismatic, clever, ambitious
Arrogant, obsessive, spoiled, cold

Nikolai is a cunning boy, absolutely determined to restore his family’s wealth and status to the point of an unhealthy dream. He is manipulative and highly confident, able to charm the panties off any girl he desires, but rarely makes actual emotional connections to the people for fear of being held back by sentiment. He possesses little to no morals when it comes to his desires, being self-righteous and absorbed in himself. However, to his credit, Nikolai is loyal and determined, with promises being incredibly sacred to him. He has a very hard time properly trusting people, but once you gain his respect, it’s there forever. 

  • Sexuality: Up to player!
  • Patronus: Up to player!
  • Biggest Secret: Is a pathological liar and is determined to steal his cousin’s path to the throne, seizing control for himself… by any means necessary. 

Written by Maddy