Magic and Mayhem
Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus
Welcome to Hogwarts, both new and returning students! We look forward to a school year full of invigorating education, exhilarating adventures, and heartwarming friendships, building House unity.
Come audition for this brand-new AU roleplay, and join us for a grand year of mischief, magic, and mayhem!
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What character would you want to be filled the most?

Any of them! If you’re looking to apply, just try for whichever one feels right to you. We’re always happy to see auditions in the inbox.

Attention players!

We will be doing an activity check this weekend so if you have not posted in a while due to personal circumstances, please shoot us a message so we know what’s up! Otherwise, we’ll be sending out 48 hour warnings. 

Thank you and happy roleplaying!

Is this rp active?

It most certainly is! We have active writers posting every day! however, activity can be sporadic seeing as most of our players attend school and have other things to tend to. 


This rp looks fantastic! Great work!

Thank you, lovely Anon! You should come apply and join our fabulous family.

Nora Silvers' birthday party will begin at 9 PM EST.

Hester Bell has been reopened!

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"More and more, it feels like I am doing a really bad impersonation of myself."

Naomi Belacqua has been reopened!

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Jasper Montgomery has been reopened!

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